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N.O.R.E. - Crack On Steroids

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Score: 246
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Uploaded 04/08/2012
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Drops Sunday April 8th!

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6:32 PM April 9, 2013 joshr0996 via Mobile:

**** French Montana, He Not NY, Hes ****in *** No Substance
12:34 AM July 28, 2012 zrml22z said:

**** wack...we need old n.o.r.e. back
9:23 AM June 14, 2012 mista_1300 said:

only songs dat shuld have been on dis mixtape: #2,#7,#10,#13,#15,#16,#21,#22, and #23. those are the only good songs. mixtape would have a way higher score without the other trashy songs
3:32 AM June 3, 2012 kid27 said:

wtf u mean fabolous only nigga in ny still hot
my nigga banks been representing new york to the ****in fullest
PLK!!!! **** dont stand for ***** like keisha yall niggas trippin
4:43 PM May 18, 2012 hughheff4 said:

LEGGGOOOOOOOOOO !!!! n.o.r.e mixtape sick
1:17 AM May 12, 2012 E_Down said:

Aye this **** kinda hot for real. Nigga Google that.
11:30 AM May 3, 2012 luislopez via Mobile:

Tis is real rap niggas tis is the **** new bests same flow
11:17 PM May 1, 2012 mflowers77 via Mobile:

Yall young bucks don't know rap