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Blue Steel - International Hu$$la

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Score: 35
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Uploaded 04/06/2012

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3:55 PM June 2, 2012 IcymikeDaBoss said:

This mixtape cold. I ****s wit it.
3:33 PM May 21, 2012 kellerboy8 said:

you hear meeee no time for a broke ho
2:00 PM April 18, 2012 IcymikeDaBoss said:

I fux wit it
3:43 PM April 9, 2012 jgreenpro said:

listen to the flow and word play, Blue Steel keepin getting it in! Power UP on them haters!!!!!
7:15 PM April 7, 2012 dwest912 said:

All's I can say is nigga out there grinding gettin money from somewhere he ain't got a major deal or nothing nice quality vids dog HD quality vids dog
6:46 PM April 7, 2012 TrapGame10 said:

Is it just me or are the vocals a bit low *915 and the 9dime M$G*
5:01 PM April 7, 2012 livemixtaes said:

fuc all yu lames go bite smewhere else
4:30 PM April 7, 2012 latavias said:

this mixtape is garbage and this is not reppin for 904 so we aint in here yet but be cool cause it aint over im tha city last hope mixtape coming soon check it out boi **** blue stee