Capital STEEZ - AmeriKKKan Korruption

DJs: Pro Era
AMERIKKKAN KORRUPTION came about during a time in my high school years where everyone was following fads and trying to fit in and naturally I did the same. It got to a certain point where I asked myself why? I started to open my eyes, I was a slave to television, media, and the daily motions of what we call the AMERIKKKAN Dream. My only intentions are to get the AMERIKKKAN Public to open up that 3rd eye just a little bit, and from there we ALL can grow.

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12:59 AM April 30, 2018 ortegarixky via iOS App:

Rip great mc STEEZ
2:45 AM August 9, 2017 Flyonfly0n said:

R . I . P S . T . E . E . Z . E
4:19 AM July 13, 2017 47Daze said:

We miss u. Steez RIP much love u changed my perspective on life for the better
12:33 PM October 18, 2014 supaflyrobby said:

Still reigns supreme as one of my all time fav mixtapes. RIP STEEZ
9:48 AM May 1, 2014 sfmello4 said:

7:01 AM October 2, 2013 KingDB4 via Mobile:

6:48 PM September 13, 2013 cnieto20 said:

7:39 PM June 26, 2013 chris1972 said:

I love how yall work with Mf Doom. that's that nigga n u used the beat from dead bent from operation doomsday on number 6 that's my **** well done lol