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6:52 PM January 1, 2013 golfpro05 said:

dre needs to sign this man hot mc
8:24 AM July 30, 2012 Skinnii17 said:

No lie, Locksmith is legit one of the most illest lyrical niggas of today
4:14 PM July 17, 2012 Papakwaw said:

DOPE **** **** THE MACHINE ! Let that Real **** Rock !
3:34 AM May 9, 2012 ericamarissa said:

reminds me of Lowkey....
1:25 PM April 26, 2012 louwiggz said:

Lock Is Def One Of The Most Talented MC's I've Ever Heard! This Album Is A Classic!
8:31 PM April 24, 2012 DJPleazy said:

Hands down one of the Best if not the Best MC's of this Time. Yeah I said it, This comes from a DJ 10+ Years in this what we call the Music Industry. Thanks recording artist LockSmith.
10:02 PM April 19, 2012 tonetone248 said:

im ****n pissed y the **** is lock not at the top yett, come on stop sleepn on him yall he's too sick
2:40 PM April 18, 2012 khalilmonie said:

Man you ill Lock, you def need to be on a label like Shady