Jon Connor - The Peoples Rapper

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7:33 PM June 1, 2014 golfpro05 said:

real hip hop glad dre sign you ready for album
12:11 AM February 14, 2014 chris252 said:

my guy is tuff niggas are sleeeppppppp
8:40 AM October 16, 2013 Kid_Ink_24 said:

Michigan stand up, Jon Connor doin it for us and he cold. He deserves a deal
2:17 PM May 10, 2013 nyneshellshoc said:

yall sleepin on jon connor that dude goes innnnn lyrical as ****
11:46 AM February 8, 2013 cuzzo314 said:

How the **** does chief keef lame azz have over 4000 likes but this aint even at 500 this real hip hop vote up
11:28 AM July 28, 2012 Jhall157 said:

dis kid better den j.cole watcha talmbout
7:56 AM July 12, 2012 JTBryant87 said:

Dude is nice but he aint ****in wit J. Cole
10:05 AM June 25, 2012 K34TON said:

Yeah u can def tell these beats were made specifically for the ORIGINAL artist can't overrun shady territory