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Khalil Leone - Color-Book Chronicles

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8:37 PM April 27, 2012 louisrich__gohard said:

people keep saying its different its just creative as fcuk, im diggin the topics plus its just swag shiit
3:47 AM April 27, 2012 Bee_Sting said:

This mixtape has some FIRE *** beats buuuuut the lyrics?? Dont care for them. Its different tho...
9:07 AM April 23, 2012 RaKalfani said:

Great Job Bro!
4:52 AM April 22, 2012 mr_spacely3 said:

hmmm track 7 and 10 show the more lyrical side to this mixtape, i like the fact he is not tryin to keep up with all this bull**** *** trap music niggas is puttin out nowdays
6:35 PM April 21, 2012 louisonhis said:

i **** with, its chill....
5:22 PM April 21, 2012 biggs071 said:

this is terrible
2:32 PM April 21, 2012 Ayo_There_Go_E said:

This is so original, its one of those mixtapes that u can come back to in a month and still like it
10:19 AM April 21, 2012 serider said:

gud **** my nigga long overdue