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Tha Joker - Minor Set Back For A Major Come Back

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Uploaded 04/24/2012
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Dear fans,

If you havent heard by yet i am incarcerated due to an old charge from 2007. I will be released in the summer August 2012. When i get out i will continue to give you the good quality music i been giving you only better. This is only a minor setback for a major comeback. Continue to follow my twitter (@Jokertoocold). It is being controlled by one of my team members. He will keep you updated with music, my release, videos, etc... Upon my release you already know shows and features are going to be crazy so im gone start accepting dates starting Aug 1st 2012 ( Feel free to start your own FREE JOKER campaign (signs, tshirts, pictures, etc..) Remember im still the hottest unsigned in America and when i get out i will not let you down.

Follow @LiveMixtapes, @FreeGas_Brewer & @JokerTooCold!

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9:36 PM May 24, 2016 Murphylee50 said:

glad this man is home. One if the best, if not the best, much love joker you made my high school experience the best.
2:19 PM March 15, 2013 dayton1994 said:

he dropped a mixtape called "the explanation" go check it
11:53 PM October 4, 2012 bgaddis420 said:

The new mix gonna drop on live?? #3 jokers hardest song he ever did
11:36 PM September 9, 2012 Jiggajt13 said:

This is newest stuff hes got out right?
2:29 PM August 26, 2012 jamariobell said:

that boy free #toocold
4:52 PM August 22, 2012 NES_GOONLM said:

24 Hours Left !
7:46 PM August 20, 2012 trock21 said:

12:44 PM August 19, 2012 kteezy said:

4 days left #FREETOOCOLD