Charles Hamilton - Coke Whore Habits

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2:50 PM May 30, 2012 pettyt said:

i just glad this nigga at it again for real
11:51 AM May 10, 2012 HGS said:

Charles Hamilton is showing mad skills, its like evryone forgot what hip hop is now everybody making POP...this is best MIXTAPE i heard in time!
7:24 PM April 27, 2012 sickmade said:

The only best charles hamilton song is High...the song he sampled xscape song who can i run 2
11:39 PM April 25, 2012 k3ytolife said:

the Concepts he make for his Mixtape be Dope. pretty different .
3:33 AM April 25, 2012 kuggieb said:

hahaha 2 the guy under me but i **** wit charles dnt know how i feel about this tape yet tho
1:29 AM April 25, 2012 hardcoreweava said:

Didnt his girl give him the metta peace elbow
8:28 PM April 24, 2012 liddlerob via Mobile:

8:24 PM April 24, 2012 liddlerob via Mobile:

Stop lil b is the worst rapper ever ch at least has potential I jus can't listen to him after what serious jones did to him.