Charles Hamilton - Camera Coolant (Egyptian Circus)

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1:59 AM June 10, 2012 sn4pb4k said:

ch is back niggas omfg but when did this come out
11:45 AM May 10, 2012 HGS said:

I didnt like CH until now...he is the future of rap, everybody else is caught in the commercial crap tryin to make hits for MTV...this guy is ouzing with talent!
2:40 PM April 28, 2012 gmoble said:

nice but low quality
9:46 AM April 28, 2012 saw4 said:

acid da savage featuring charles hamilton -
5:26 PM April 26, 2012 brendabond said:

5:48 AM April 26, 2012 cdale247 said:

He obviously in a booth, and we are hearing someone in the mixing room trying to steal some **** that shouldn't be released
5:46 AM April 26, 2012 cdale247 said:

Seriously this sounds like one of his friends just sits in when he's writing or freestyling on beats and sneaks to record since dude isn't trying to be in the game on his own.
9:34 PM April 25, 2012 skiworks said:

This **** hot tho on the Lo. He keeping his out n about record raw mentality. He can do what he want when he want n still be relevant.