VVS Vega - Rap Money (Zone Out Edition)

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6:09 PM May 9, 2012 eastwood33 said:

Shout to my niggas from Peoria niggas do it big in small cities too its ya boy T.C EA$TWOOD EASTBLUFF WARNER HOME NO LUV zone out whats happening
11:33 PM May 6, 2012 BMackenzieSmit said:

Where he from, he got a different sound! I like that!
11:30 PM May 6, 2012 enviedbymost said:

I sho heard of dued.... he spitin sum real trap ****!
11:09 PM May 6, 2012 Brown_Jontell1 said:

vega b goin n g$$d tape trapsntrunks
7:36 PM May 5, 2012 mistadjpaul said:

Peoria, IL
4:33 PM May 5, 2012 jigjig_jiggaman14 said:

(REAL TRAP ****) im ****in wit dis