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Jurrarri - Rubberband Rrarri

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Score: 232
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Uploaded 06/15/2012
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11:14 AM December 7, 2012 djhustla said:

This Nigga Aint No Dope Boy Period He Aint Bout That Life.. Dont Let This Mixtape Fool Yall Listeners. The Only White He Moved Was Plastic Wal-Mart Bags.The City Dont **** With You Nigga
1:35 AM November 29, 2012 zachw757 said:

ay, its November 29th and im still bumpin this tape. this is a classic and classics never get old. ya feel me...VA ****S WIT RRARRI
11:52 AM September 24, 2012 denisfreak said:

i **** with dis 24/7
12:45 PM August 27, 2012 stuntmannils said:

how dis aint higher score?
5:37 PM August 24, 2012 awwmann said:

People don't know what to do in there lazy life... they hatin..
2:39 PM July 30, 2012 PmoneyAU via Mobile:

Shawty lo so damn old that he is possibly ju daddy from what I hear in the streets, still borrowing people car ju?
2:38 PM July 30, 2012 PmoneyAU via Mobile:

Ain't nobody with sense listening to dis ****, I'd rather listen to Lil B take a ****
10:43 PM July 23, 2012 auburn420 via Mobile:

Lmao kingpin!! Haha, nigga you couldn't pull a hundred bucks out for checkers you broke *** ***** . Get aids and die