CJ Da Fly Guy - 1st Class

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12:56 PM December 5, 2012 happinessforever said:

I flucks with him! Hot mixtape!
2:06 PM May 13, 2012 KilluminatiG said:

everyone glorifying masonic symbols & the Illuminati. Dont you artists know this is evil? He has on the Illuminati all seeing eye in his mixtape cover. This is no coincidence people.

1:38 PM May 13, 2012 PaperChaserz said:

I'm a street nigga so I cant really relate to going to college and **** like that but I definitely am ****ing with this nigga style. The man can spit. The production is crazy. I give the album A-
11:00 AM May 12, 2012 adizzleton said:

STOP!... Stop with the NEW ERA snapbacks... **** u doin? Thats not cool. I see them same snapbacks at the mall ERRDAY... Vintage ma son... not that retro bull****t bro
9:50 AM May 12, 2012 MrsKitty said:

I agree with @69shawty he is ***y!!! I'm most certainly a cj the fly guy fan now. He kind of look like big sean thoe O_o
8:47 AM May 10, 2012 69shawty said:

i clicked on this tape because i saw the illuminati sign on his shirt and he's a cutie pie. the music matches his looks so i approve hehe
11:29 PM May 9, 2012 icecoldE via Mobile:

@donjuan3 **** outta here Future > 2chainz
10:32 PM May 9, 2012 DonJuan3 said:

@icecoldE you must be old AF boy. Talm bout outkast and ****. its 2012 *****. 2chainz the souths new lyricist