MicahFonecheck - August Rush EP

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12:08 PM September 16, 2014 ajdajuice12 said:

11:08 PM June 27, 2013 Streeter22 said:

He legit like his voice nd collabs good music
3:03 PM August 5, 2012 gageishere said:

@ATLREPPAZNA you don't have to be into it to know what it is lol, get out more dude
7:01 PM May 9, 2012 Losizzuted said:

nigga stole that cover from luda!!! he posted that wed on instagram n said happy hump day....cant a young nigga be ORIGINAL anymore??????????
12:48 PM May 9, 2012 ATLREPPAZNA said:

@judochop that just goes to show im not into **** like that but u on the other hand just broke it down for everybody go beat off to some more elephant porn u perv
11:06 PM May 8, 2012 d1rtb4ll said:

dat cover
6:59 PM May 8, 2012 judochop via Mobile:

@ATLREPPAZNA beastiality is when a human ****s an animal, get off this, mixtape and go educate yoself
6:29 PM May 7, 2012 cintrona88 said:

Jus sayin whats up w/ the mixtape cover 0_o