The Prescription

Have you been rolling to bad music lately? No worries, Dr. Smallz & Dr. Shure Fire prescribe you the perfect soundtrack to your next trippy situation, with over 30 classic pill poppin anthems mixed and scratched for a dosage you can OD on repeat!

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9:58 PM April 4, 2013 dre2real said:

Dats wassup scyp
4:11 AM October 1, 2012 phukky0u said:

hella rip mac dre
2:50 AM August 10, 2012 NOLAMITE707 via Mobile:

THREE C'S TIL I POP NIGGA, COUNTRY CLUB CREST, RIP MAC MUTHA ****IN DRE, one the most talented rappers ive had the chance to kick it And smoke a few backwoods wit. #trealtalk
4:06 AM July 19, 2012 adonisvaldez said:

#32 Molly Molly
3:10 PM July 12, 2012 Dat_Dro_1402 via Mobile:

10:28 PM July 2, 2012 CookieDaSweet said:

Aye they got Bone Thugz on here...df yall know bout that lol
6:31 PM July 2, 2012 lightyear92 said:

11:17 AM July 2, 2012 Scyp said:

i just want to say, how is this a mixtape without big moe (RIP) pill poppa? kno who made this aint from the south