Yung Tone - Get Used To My Face 2

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5:31 PM January 26, 2013 prettyboyyA1FBG via Mobile:

Hard mixtape he should've had Tasha catour on a song I love her voice Therefore this tape still the ****ing illest
3:59 AM January 5, 2013 yungtunemyname14 via Mobile:

Nah he dont look nun like future. Thats how it look on the artwork tho
6:37 PM November 27, 2012 falconsswag123 via Mobile:

2:26 AM November 11, 2012 bigtyke91 via Mobile:

I guess future is his idol
1:22 AM September 20, 2012 Smokeflipper said:

leave'em where he at.....nuff said don't like it smoke one "fun boy"
4:34 AM July 5, 2012 goldybarra said:

soooo... is this future twin or sumn? music nice tho
11:10 AM June 23, 2012 yungdice4 said:

I **** wit dis nigga, tape go stupid
11:37 AM June 19, 2012 drewteon said:

he look like future dont anyone agree