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5:54 PM May 24, 2012 bonesmash via Mobile:

Let's go #gosmasherz #longliveveezy #theappetizer @bonesmashU @nayosmash @queensmash @misssmash @toontaofstr8dropkeys @bamsmash
10:17 AM May 23, 2012 djgregstreet said:

keep it turnt up Nayo, you got a good spirit, great work ethic & some good people around you. team work makes dream work, just keep the team focused on you & your music for a few months
4:16 PM May 21, 2012 QueenSmash said:

LONG LIVE VEEZY & DOLLA!!!!! S/O 2 Yoski & SDK!!!! Keep an eye on the Movement...we MOVIN!!!!! @NayoSmash @queensmash @ToontaKofSDK @miss_smash
8:28 AM May 21, 2012 lredfield86 said:

aye yo-ski can i borrow five dollars when you make it to the top?
1:47 AM May 18, 2012 bigtrippleOG said:

Yo my mans is MAAAAAAD Nice! Usually when I randomly click on a nigga its Garbage! Keep doing your thing B ima be checking for u.
7:29 AM May 17, 2012 Iamtonyluv said:

Lithonia in the building!!! Mixtape is on point, Its been on repeat in my car since it dropped!!
12:19 PM May 16, 2012 shahee5611 said:

heard about y'all 3 years wayyyy in DC, shout out to missSmash. Glad to see y'all progressing sorry about the lost of one of ya members. The world is yours ! peace ...
11:34 AM May 16, 2012 msVipSmash said:

thats all I gotta say #GoSMASHERZ #LLV love you forever and always