Ginette Claudette - Everything's Coming Up Roses

Featured INDY Re-Release

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3:50 PM January 14, 2014 lite1witme said:

i need you to come out with another mixtape or something, ive been waiting for a year now with your ***y ***!!! Thats the only reason im patiently waiting, JKN luv her voice and music.
6:12 PM December 13, 2013 SHORTii_T said:

Not bad.
3:11 PM September 14, 2013 skuff said:

stay on indy
go back to school
& stop singing
1:45 PM February 10, 2013 dnixxxx said:

Wow! Beautiful voice, music, woman, and lyrics flow so well. Listened from 1-8 without skipping a track
2:29 AM February 6, 2013 dayjiiac said:

love love this mixtape I can relate too everything love her voice keep it up
6:19 PM November 13, 2012 1high_key said:

Im feeling the music keep them coming
1:18 PM October 6, 2012 LyricGurl95 said:

Also by the way i can sing myself and i was wondering if you mind if i made a cover to a few of your song on youtube
1:17 PM October 6, 2012 LyricGurl95 said:

This Mixtape is dope im turely a fan Now I love your music and your voice is amazing we need someone different & your voice is just right i love everysong on this mixtape