Lil B - Water Is D.M.G.

DJs: Based

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1:11 AM June 27, 2014 chadfrench1996 said:

this his best mixtape by far
4:57 PM April 7, 2013 djhustla said:

This Is That Short Bus Str8 Retarded Music. "I Cant Get Jiggy with This ****"!!!!!!! Plz Lil B Give Up Rapping For The Love Of God. Damn!!!!!!!!!!
8:33 PM February 18, 2013 xXxJoeBudxXx said:

this cat is ****in retarded yall understand me? and yall are becoming retarded by listening to him hes a ****in retard. yea im hatin. but not really cause hes ****IN RETARDED!!!
6:38 AM October 20, 2012 IDGAFABOUTAUSERNAMEOMG said:

7:50 AM September 30, 2012 getgirls5 via Mobile:

9:32 AM September 6, 2012 animerocks44 said:

please lil b rap forreal im tired of this **** man really.....i cant play this **** in my car
1:20 AM August 21, 2012 swagger600 said:

this guy puts a smile on my face every day at work i mean when the army gets real dumb like always i can slap some lil b on and watch his videos and laugh my *** off with the guys
7:51 AM July 27, 2012 yungyuro81 said: