Savuge - Till The Death

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3:32 AM October 2, 2015 yopapioscar1 via Mobile:

It's serious
12:29 AM June 14, 2012 big_boii314 said:

@jasonwatson1984 westcoast aint out of school yet
2:26 AM June 9, 2012 s8045488 via Mobile:

@libria1980....lmfao...u make me not wanna even listen to dis fooly..neva heard em..finna listen to his first verse n reply again world
4:53 PM June 8, 2012 jiydaog1 said:

This My First Timee Listen To This Mixtape And This Shyt Fie
7:41 PM June 7, 2012 RILEYHOODZ said:

7:14 PM June 7, 2012 Noles506 said:

funny how ppl hate on someone solely off never hearing of them before, everyone who is a star, a celeb..was unknown at some point u ***** *** mufukers!
5:42 PM June 7, 2012 libra1980 said:

u a nerfball
5:41 PM June 7, 2012 libra1980 said:

dj goofy is right what is this savuge yeah right#7 and #14 told me all i need to know bout u dawg