Tekaboo - Triple Threat

DJs: DJ Priest
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2:07 PM January 11, 2013 yaboydubble said:

4:57 AM August 21, 2012 amiravon said:

My kids love some Tekaboo! This is kid friendly music just because it dont have cussing yall actin crazy Grow up She gone make it reguardless. keep doing yo thang Baby
11:54 AM August 12, 2012 Kuan via Mobile:

Oh stop im 10 so leave her alone
11:02 PM July 19, 2012 Bluebuttafly said:

Push Management Is Shooting "TekaBoo" Rollercoaster Video At SixFlags Over Georgia... #Stay Tuned! #Winning! TekaBoo Is A Triple Threat! Ha!
6:56 AM July 18, 2012 kidpolo13 said:

She look like she su5k di5k
6:50 AM July 18, 2012 kidpolo13 said:

Dis bit5h is garbage dis hoe need 2 stop rappin
2:28 AM July 17, 2012 BlaxArsenal said:

dude outta line for callin a lil girl a *****. i'm a grown man so these lyrics are too childish for me. this would be better fit for a group of YOUNGER LISTENERS. thats all i have to say
5:40 PM July 12, 2012 kidpolo13 said:

how is this not in the negatives dis ***** sucks wit dese baby *** beats