Diplo Moombahton 2K12

DJs: Diplo
Last year at the height of the moombahton craze, Diplo released his 2k11 moombahton mix which pretty much summed up the state of moombahton. A year later and the genre is still going strong with scion supporting the moombahton massive tour across the US and Diplo's moombahton filled Express Yourself EP getting ready to drop in a few weeks. Right now seems fitting for the follow up!

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8:53 PM December 5, 2016 FlexMax2016 said:

Truly hot and nice
12:20 AM February 19, 2013 drain12 said:

Hey the Harlem Shake is on here, how neat.
9:56 PM June 19, 2012 Zapata11 said:

11:05 AM June 5, 2012 tillamonsta said:

it goes it goes it goes
12:07 AM June 3, 2012 hbobo said:

8:01 PM June 2, 2012 pesh22 said:

5:48 PM June 2, 2012 dirtydozen82 said:

hott fiyah
3:41 PM June 2, 2012 killahkalam said:

yeah buddy