Trap Rave 2.0

Bounce/Moombahton/Stripper Rap/Fight Music/Dubstep tracks for you and yours.

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12:33 PM December 4, 2012 tresofly94 said:

i mean **** he made listening to nicki somewhat tolerable so i give him kudos for that
12:27 PM September 5, 2012 Country_Creg said:

YO this **** goes hard **** the the rating and the squares keep going you gotta lotta potential
8:05 PM August 10, 2012 jorgeonee7 said:

Lames don't understand..... keep doing what u doing skinny ...
10:42 PM July 2, 2012 gwizthegreat said:

This music sounds like someone is getting duped in the *** with honey and glitter...
2:44 PM June 20, 2012 YoungChavo55 said:

kill yourself
12:07 AM June 12, 2012 windycitybullet said:

its iight homeboy just keep workin on it bro but so far good ****
8:24 PM June 11, 2012 Saltlife25 said:

12:42 PM June 9, 2012 Pheno3000 said:

Keep doing ya thing, **** what anyone says, keep working on your craft the way you want to.... then watch how many people gone be jockin, when you blow up.. this is a cool tape bro