Bella Nae - Expect The Unexpected (Hosted By Big Heff)

DJs: DJ Knyce
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10:04 AM July 4, 2013 misssands2 via Mobile:

Mr celebrity takes me to a time with a dude that I been wanting to get with but he got so grand now he don't see a regular girl like me anymore aww!!!!
8:09 PM February 12, 2013 nissa4ya via Mobile:

I love her
1:04 PM June 13, 2012 common91941 said:

mad love dam good
8:55 AM June 11, 2012 TheRealBellaNae said:

Hey Everybody, It's me Bella Nae!!! Thank you for listening and downloading Expect The Unexpected. Thank you for supporting my Journey. xoxo Bella
1:41 PM June 8, 2012 Djronnierich via Mobile:

This is super hot!!!! Almost as hot as the artist looks herself.
8:23 AM June 8, 2012 mrbranded said:

Mos def a new popular sound from a great artist! Branded!
7:27 PM June 7, 2012 Noles506 said:

It's not "whack", it's just not Hip Hop.. don't hate on something just because YOU don't like it.
2:47 PM June 7, 2012 Beaner0 said:

This is whack!!!! Not 1 hot track on this boi..