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DJs: DJ Smallz
Covering another set of milestones in his career, Tampa, Fla.-based rapper Young AJ recently signed a distribution deal with Pyramid/INgrooves/Fontana/Universal. His debut single “On My Job” featuring Trick Daddy is steadily gaining momentum.

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3:26 AM July 31, 2012 bbdwaller said:

stay on ya job young blood!!!! see you at the top
3:48 AM July 18, 2012 eatgottai said:

Niggaz sleep on young aj yall betta wake the **** up! This **** jamz
8:46 AM July 16, 2012 cherryred23 said:

on my job!!
6:19 PM June 19, 2012 menace813 said:

finally someone tellin the story of tampa life
11:29 AM June 15, 2012 ceefore said:

Real music!!!!!!!!! can't wait for the next mixtapedo ya thing sir
11:52 AM June 9, 2012 duf2370 said:

keep makin mixtapes !!
11:48 AM June 8, 2012 free32riley said:

AJ cuz dis stress, Ima put it n niggaz hands yal did yal thang on dis 1.
''IM SERIOUS DA 1 REAL ****!''
9:50 AM June 8, 2012 UrbanAddiction said:

#DopeWork AJ :-)