Tef Poe - War Machine 2

Tef Poe is a an artist from St. Louis... War Machine 2 features Royce Da 5'9, Killer Mike, I-20 and more!

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11:37 PM December 3, 2013 madmanmax said:

this **** ended up being a ****ing classic.....seriously a got damn classic *** mixtape!!!
6:25 PM July 28, 2012 bre44 via Mobile:

Tef going hard!!!!!!!
2:17 AM July 13, 2012 sofagangflip said:

Tef Poe taking Saint Louis to another level
9:22 AM June 13, 2012 314stateofmind said:

This is new look 4 Da Lou keep pushin my nigga
3:24 AM June 9, 2012 eclass27 said:

**** dope especailly from a stl cat
6:44 PM June 8, 2012 madmanmax said:

a lyrical nigga w.some dope *** beats streets asked for it good job on picking this one smallz
6:43 PM June 8, 2012 madmanmax said:

this **** cold as **** where is this nigga from? I-20 ****ing snapped we ****ing with this **** in texas, nigga on here snapping every track
6:27 PM June 7, 2012 deigowhite via Mobile:

He got a flow like briscoe but way ****ing better lyrics and production team pure ****ing tale