Cortez - XXL Freshman I'm In A Class All By Myself

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2:51 PM June 10, 2012 moneymfmike said:

this mixtape is killed but it came out a while back but cortez is lyrically one the best in the game he a top 5 battle rapper n he can make real music erry1 needa take notice of cortez real ****
5:50 PM June 9, 2012 freshIIdeath84 said:

squeeze that apple juice!!!!!!!!!!
4:38 PM June 9, 2012 050thugz said:

This Hella Old Came Out Back In 010 Or Sum Damn
10:07 PM June 8, 2012 chavy510 said:

Dis nigga b kills rap battle n he was sign to da roc bakk n da days