Gwap Naton - The Collision

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9:30 PM July 10, 2012 dman3551 via Mobile:

2 uh everything
12:41 PM June 26, 2012 1goondupclique said:

dayum dis **** go "captain planet "yall boyz crazy!
8:06 PM June 25, 2012 BEACHESnHOSE said:

BOUT TIME somebody started holdin it down for the East ATL. Im tired of these soft-*** JV rappers frontin like they know the A. This **** is real, SALUTE ROMO & $PACEMAN I **** with yall
10:06 AM June 25, 2012 Conductor said:

**** all of you Niggas hating on this group. You guys are going to go fa. Ignore all of your HATERS and do your thing. I'm feeling your songs.
10:01 PM June 22, 2012 KDW said:

i havent heard it i know its crap
6:24 PM June 22, 2012 eastatlanta45 said:

bra 2 b honest u sound like a slick azz groupie bout dis, how bout grab a mic, grab a pen, do a song, n get on livemixtapes groupie *** trick
5:30 PM June 22, 2012 shootie24 said:

Real talk tho, this **** still garbage, haha.. You niggas is not known, nobody know yall, plain in simple.. No **** ridin, Future is jus the Truth. Real Recoginize Real, period. This **** aint real.
3:10 PM June 22, 2012 eastatlanta45 said:

Some niggas is leaders n sum niggas is ***** *** following groupie niggas...salute NFL,GWAP NATION,M$C, BORN THREAT, UPTOWN