Lil Phat - #RipPhat: A Tribute To The Yungin

DJ Smallz & DJ Shure Fire put together an 80 minute tribute mix to Lil Phat, a rapper from Baton Rouge, LA that was sadly murdered this past Friday, June 8, in Atlanta. The mix includes almost 40 of Lil Phat's best records cut & scratched for his fans remember him in his best light... music!

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1:53 PM April 9, 2017 Jungenyus via iOS App:

11:53 AM April 14, 2014 fatbullet via Mobile:

RwgBruh bruh!
7:45 AM April 8, 2014 mon96ss said:

Rest n peace bruh
10:31 PM November 30, 2013 charlie19 said:

Well Thank To Eldorado Red & Decensae White 4 Mur Lil Phat Man I Cant Be No Rapper Becuz Tha Rap Game.
8:27 PM October 14, 2013 OT_BREW said:

wur da fuk is "Ducked Off'??????
2:22 PM June 5, 2013 zellie2311 said:

R.I.P lil phat dis for my local nigga
4:21 PM May 7, 2013 bgkush60 via Mobile:

Rip phat trill ****
2:38 PM May 7, 2013 oklahomaboi405 via Mobile:

T.I.P Lil Phat ****s wit ya da long way