Shawn Jay - Ricky Bobby If U Ain't 1st, You're Last

DJs: Florida J
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10:22 AM September 15, 2012 cla6986 said:

Floyd Mayweather
6:45 PM August 10, 2012 gsu_lokey via Mobile:

Real lyrics respect Shawn j salute
11:37 AM August 6, 2012 hollywoodyella said:

Tight *** tape bra keep it coming!!!
10:53 AM July 16, 2012 SLIMGUTTA01 via Mobile:

Shawn J .. Good **** bruh
1:48 AM July 8, 2012 realmuzik36OZ said:

Shawn jay raw as fuk....these throw away tracks don't get it for bar e is unfukwittable
12:23 AM July 6, 2012 watchmen8484 said:

I'm from the 229 and this man cusses his mother out calls her a stupid a// bit// and all that she walks miles to work in the can spit but you gets no love
8:56 PM July 4, 2012 mrsouthwestga via Mobile:

If I wanna says it all
5:46 PM July 4, 2012 dionta1 said:

This **** hard. I was thinking Shawn J back, ay bra don't go nowhere again; the industry can use you my nig!