Mar & The Internet - Seeing Purple Ladies Naked (Chopped Up, Not Slopped Up)

DJ MR. ROGERS OF THE CHOPSTARS/PARTY BOY DJz flips the script and shows his appreciation for the "other" lane by putting his Texas twist on Mar's "Seeing Her Naked" EP and The Internet's "Purple Naked Ladies" EP.... Definitely not what you're used to, but won't have a problem getting used to.

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11:31 PM December 12, 2012 hniparis said:

One of my favorite Rogers tapes.
9:45 PM August 23, 2012 triple6evil said:

10:14 AM June 20, 2012 knowu said:

i swear i am about to stop coming to livemixtapes altogether... i have been listening to this 4 about a month... but a gud pic the brova a nice singer.. n the chops arent bad