J.A.E - Fruition

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9:29 PM August 31, 2012 SORISTIC said:

where was I when this came out? Very nice
11:39 PM August 7, 2012 Ybebritton via Mobile:

This Should Have More Votes
1:06 AM July 21, 2012 jamark5 said:

It seems The mixtapes with The weirdest covers r The best
1:04 AM July 9, 2012 miguel88 said:

This dude is nice af
3:52 PM July 3, 2012 mixtapekings212 said:

uh oh!!! this guy has stirred up controversy. thats how you know he's a good rapper with a good project.
11:50 AM July 3, 2012 yuckfou via Mobile:

He said 'trippy' 4 times! But then says it's wack... Is it just me or he's dissin juicy j?!? What an idiot, go back to bed J.A.E!
4:07 PM July 2, 2012 trillmouth said:

Young Boy got Skills
5:27 PM July 1, 2012 MoneyStr8Ceo said:

Homie is Jammin.. i fux wit this.. >>>> Check me out www.SoundCloud/AceMoneyBeatz