Eastern District Presents: MOSHOLU

MOSHOLU is a hip-hop/punk/psychedelic compilation spawned from the bowels of Bushwick, Brooklyn. Although we just started recording in the bathroom of Eastern District Gallery a few months ago, With KOOL A.D. (of Das Racist) and production by GHOST DAD (of Win Win) are just some of the many blessings to come. MOSHOLU will be featuring songs from Talib KWELI, DAS RACIST. SPANK ROCK, DALE EARNHARDT JR. JR., TELLI (of Ninja Sonik), THE YELLOW DOGS, KOOL A.D.,THE KICK DRUMS JOHNNY NELSON, RES (of Idle Warship), GUN FIGHT, FAST YEARS, THE WELLINGTON PAPERS and MORE!!!!!!!

The MOSHOLU mixtape will also feature art, music and sound from artists POSTER BOY, CA$H 4, FEER, MICHAEL ALAN the OWS movement and more from EASTERN DISTRICT GALLERY

We will be hosting a pre-listening party with perfomances at Blind Barber July 2nd

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Cover Art By: Poster Boy

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11:48 PM July 8, 2012 JiggaWhatJiggaWho said:

This whole mixtape is trill, The video remind me of old Beastie Boys. R.I.P ADAM
11:36 AM July 7, 2012 jeyestyles said:

Anybody can make music and a video thanks to the internet and esp. social media.
8:50 PM July 6, 2012 Cjbdaman said:

I could do nothin but laugh
9:41 PM July 5, 2012 cnieto20 said:

suprised this was here.....???
8:55 PM July 5, 2012 spvcxghxztpvrrp said:

This **** gay as ****k.
11:54 AM July 5, 2012 JaE_MiXtApEz said:

Are you kiddin me right now?! Who records a dude taking a piss? Son pissed all on the floor! And why is he wearing a Du Rag? Come on you're white doggie SMH. -1 coming your way.
11:32 AM June 21, 2012 tillamonsta said:

pocketknife swag.. BK ALL DAY

The download will start in seconds