King Mez - My Everlasting Zeal

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1:40 PM February 13, 2013 encbaby said:

Hip Hop is alive and well
2:42 AM November 14, 2012 chasethaman said:

Dope. Hiphopculturetv got me here
2:44 PM July 2, 2012 keenankilla said:

im ****ing with it i can sho nuff bump this in the ride
11:11 PM June 24, 2012 kingeiland said:

****ing with it holmes
6:25 PM June 23, 2012 poz87 said:

King Mez put together an amazing studio album here. Can't wait for more people to realize the crazy talent that he is! Keep working Mez
4:29 AM June 23, 2012 tldcool said:

This guy is nice my homie just put me on to him he definitely deserves more exposure than this.
5:37 PM June 22, 2012 Ljames1152 said:

I rarely post, but keep it up the hard work and dedication. I am finally assured that hip-hop will not die when artist are truthful and keep coming from the heart...