Mississippi Takeova 3 (Hosted By T Trotta)

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6:48 PM September 4, 2012 23ashley said:

662 all day every day .. Mound Bayou stand up... Chocolate city angel mississippi
10:45 PM August 23, 2012 w00dy15 said:

601 lets do it!!! make sure my boy *** da king on tha next one!!! #mississippiburning
5:23 PM July 20, 2012 ferg662 said:

S/O to my nigga Keezy Key
7:14 PM July 14, 2012 dav601 said:

on the sip but to the other artist on the mixtape **** wit ya boy let get dis bread and to the djs if u ****in wit bodean then u ****in wit the real
7:13 PM July 14, 2012 dav601 said:

a nigga free now so lets get this money 601 stand up make it a real MS takeova niggaz slippin
6:19 PM June 27, 2012 WorldStarStatus said:

This whole mixtape go soooo hard
9:31 PM June 26, 2012 LILT601 said:

Campaign runnin
6:36 PM June 26, 2012 MoDaHurt said:

#HHC!!!!!! Wut It Do