Herukhuti Ausar - The Feds Don't Like Me

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9:09 PM July 29, 2012 CliffHarrisDaBoss said:

Just listened to mixtape. Keep it up man, this is dope! When we gonna get the album?
8:46 PM July 12, 2012 Eclassic1 said:

Fire all day long. We from the R!!!!!!
1:36 PM July 8, 2012 blacktrump4life said:

i like a few joints on here but tracks are out of sequence
12:24 PM July 8, 2012 mobbmuzik09 said:

@Sincerely1_Mic yo wtf this jus blew my muthafukkin mind downloading now......
10:45 AM July 4, 2012 DaveG1596 said:

Yo WTF. That mixtape bringing dat heat Im ridin with dis ****
4:59 PM July 3, 2012 s11aim said: