Young Buck & Savion Saddam - Salute To The Streetz

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2:01 AM September 29, 2012 DRDEATH2012 said:

Cashvill 4 Life ... Much Love & Respect You Young Buck
10:29 AM July 16, 2012 stuntmannils said:

young buckk workin smh 2 tapes in 2 days
8:57 AM July 12, 2012 6Purple_Boy said:

I fuks with young buck I'm mexikan n savion sayin he shot a mexikan. Yo **** u savion u wouldn't b **** if it weren't 4 buck. Get em buck.
9:03 AM July 8, 2012 smokedogg989 said:

Buck best lyrical rapper? I disagree. Hes a good rapper but not very lyrical. He uses mostly short words lol
4:20 PM July 7, 2012 davis2320 said:

Buck still doin his thing. Keep knocking these niggas out!!!!!!!!!!
2:07 AM July 5, 2012 Kay_Kay_309 said:

this **** go hard as **** i **** with buck the best lyrical rapper besides cassidy
11:03 AM July 4, 2012 trep1427 said:

this **** just need a muth ****ing hard beats but this **** reall
5:58 PM July 3, 2012 koe8732 via Mobile:

Name a n I g g a Fukin wit BUCK aint nobody can touch BUCK I'm a reel live d-boi an I said fat Louisiana stand up and piss on thes F U K N I G G A $$$$$$ turn up round!!!!!