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Shawn Chrystopher - lovestory

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Uploaded 07/26/2012
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9:45 PM June 16, 2013 DopeAura420 said:

lmfao @MrGrice NoDj is not a Dj bruh
11:17 PM June 9, 2013 plur715 said:

just got out of county after 2 months..bumpin some shawn cryss thats whats up thats whats up!
1:34 PM January 12, 2013 N_sifuentez via Mobile:

U kno when the tape is good when u can play the whole album and not skip one song jus let that ***** play. This is one of those tapes. luv it
8:00 PM December 3, 2012 THE_89 said:

im on this mixtape more then the big names
1:45 PM October 30, 2012 mrdaj13 said:

he go so hard
8:11 AM October 13, 2012 bigsight said:

whos the white girl?
10:20 PM September 30, 2012 ogblahblahblah said:

Somebody commented and said the industry is gonna change but he's already been on tv and on the radio, and he hasn't changed, the **** are you talking about?
2:22 AM September 18, 2012 MrGrice said:

MaD pRops to NoDj & Shawn for droping some trill ****!
Keep them coming!