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Big Bank Black - Low Down & Dirty

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Uploaded 07/09/2012
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Download: Big Bank Black - Kickin Pimpin (Feat. Trouble & Alley Boy)

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7:50 PM May 22, 2013 saintsboi231 said:

ready for this to drop! godfather was a classic ..
12:34 AM April 9, 2013 donkboy said:

Big bank black been doin his thang lately cant wait til tha tape drops
11:50 PM October 5, 2012 truck1990 said:

When this cumin out
4:58 PM October 1, 2012 frank12 said:

Jimmy choo my sneaker & im fresh like easter 50 bands in my pocket n i got dat off a feature
7:40 PM September 26, 2012 Souf612TopDawgNigga said:

i aint a G but i done wrong things... so now i go to church and **** that oother bull**** like armed robbery sheeit ill work and sell weed and be high after work and reading my bible so damn right ppl
7:38 PM September 26, 2012 Souf612TopDawgNigga said:

psst **** his kid dumb **** nigga BBB a ****ing low life if he cant raise his kid not to be a ****ing blood or folk or anything.. my parents never raised me to do that so **** niggas influence on kids
4:05 PM September 24, 2012 Thagoonies6 said:

From LIL Haiti 2 Edgewood #free LILone
10:52 AM September 20, 2012 deejaa1974 said:

Big Bank Black is making money so his seed should b in a stable home wit guidence not being fooled by these rap niggas glorifying dope,robbing,and murder that aint what u want 4 ur son