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8:54 AM March 4, 2013 quantrel252 via Mobile:

I fuxk wit dem da long way Zone 6 in dis Bitxh
8:23 PM January 17, 2013 shootie24 said:

Tatted like Amigos goes stupid hard. 300 Glory Niggas on the rise reppin that Midwest. Naptown said that. Shoutout Lil G, Goin in, NO CARTEL, hah
7:26 PM December 9, 2012 N_ND said:

straight trash.
1:42 PM November 15, 2012 DipsetA1 said:

Neva Seen Dez Niggas Befo On Campbellton Or Clevland AVE...Bra Wit Da Fro Imma Rob His Flexxin *** If I Eva See Him n Da 4 Zone..One Of His Bits Said He Lame AF!! Born Witta Silver Spoon *** Nicca!
4:32 PM October 20, 2012 NApbackkid said:

City Girl!!
2:28 PM September 22, 2012 lilrico41 via Mobile:

11:44 PM September 10, 2012 84sqag via Mobile:

Shut up kid polo that's why yo **** so small u piss on yoo balls truuuu
6:07 PM August 26, 2012 WoopsieGuy said:

dude on the chorus of track 9 sounds like The Game