Honey Cocaine - 90's Gold

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2:59 PM January 3, 2015 lilmank said:

she cool this good straight
10:39 AM December 28, 2013 hendoe2 said:

She killed this ****
10:44 PM September 18, 2013 khalifabadu said:

love me sum Honey Cocaine anyday allday
3:36 PM April 14, 2013 FatMamii said:

Lol @Warren & Jbreezy....@Warren I'm younger than you and i knew that. But anywho, it's an okay mixtape. She sound aight. I think she sounds too...nasal.
12:43 PM April 12, 2013 jbreezy715 said:

Nigga I'm 26. Sorry I've listened to one genre of music my whole life. Genre,do you no what that means?
4:39 PM March 31, 2013 warren951 said:

Ready for the World @jbreezy you young lil tyke. get up on the timeless you lil rugrat poopy pants fourf grader
12:55 PM March 29, 2013 jbreezy715 said:

Ayy anybody no the original song for number 8 love you down. Been trying ta find you does that beat!?!?!
11:04 PM March 18, 2013 trevpimp said:

Keep your game high and they mouths closed :)