Cassidy - Mayhem Music (AP3)

DJs: DJ Thoro
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10:54 AM December 31, 2013 philidutch22 said:

mind of a grinda, i get it in!! dem joints HARD!!!!!!
3:53 PM September 2, 2013 Tragek said:

Cass the truth period **** he say u can listen n learn verse just sayin man that beat hard...
12:06 AM January 5, 2013 hati337 said:

aint no rap nigga ****in with cassidy period and to add meek mill album was straight trash dont know what the hype was all about get on his *** cassidy
2:04 AM January 2, 2013 joshr0996 via Mobile:

Even Ar-Ab Hatin On Cass , Nigga Cassidy Go Harder Then Ab On His Worst Day, He Go Harder Than Meek Wit Da Wordplay And Bars And **** SWIZZ BEATZ If He Don't Like Cass No More
8:40 AM December 28, 2012 Bigglen81 via Mobile:

Cassidy is the truth all u have to do is lisnen
1:12 AM December 27, 2012 bleeblack said:

can`t believe niqqas tryna compare Meek Mill to Cassidy!!.
9:56 AM December 7, 2012 ghostscopez via Mobile:

Casssss > Meeeeeek .
12:32 AM December 5, 2012 Soselfish3112 via Mobile:

The truth !! Fuc meek tender ***!!