Charles Hamilton - Ill Doesn't Meen Classic

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1:40 AM July 24, 2012 PeytonManning via Mobile:

What happened to this dude?
11:40 AM July 17, 2012 CMFTTOM said:

Sounds like this nigga don't care no more! We need the old Hungry CH back
11:39 AM July 17, 2012 jaysus said:

ch and basedgod needa make somthin taha
10:58 PM July 16, 2012 Flawluss said:

Lol. The nigga NEEDS to stop... I mean ASAP.
6:14 PM July 16, 2012 burninwood said:

Boo Boo? try dookie **** piss musik wtf...smh. dude cant rap
12:54 PM July 15, 2012 krucialkritikal said:

yall just hatin off the jump i dont think yall listenin fo real
10:00 PM July 14, 2012 liddlerob via Mobile:

If Charles Hamilton and kendrick Lamar would just collaborate they'd bring the best out of eachother
9:13 AM July 13, 2012 jp1616 said:

This nigga is boo boo