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I Am Mixtapes 123

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Uploaded 07/16/2012
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10:38 PM November 13, 2012 Dickcannon said:

10:08 PM July 22, 2012 onehouse said:

pusha -t is a lyrical monnster, nas is classic hip hop, hes a story teller. his new album is definately vintage nas

1:33 PM July 22, 2012 slimpick said:

is it snithin or itchin
11:27 PM July 21, 2012 hardcoreweava said:

nas isnt wack but he def not an overall rapper. he MURDERED. if nas didnt have a very dedicated fanbase, could he make a career saving hit? if u think he can, we dont believe u, u need more people
7:25 PM July 21, 2012 potsie said:

I Guess?
3:24 PM July 21, 2012 Mcrem said:

wtf yall talkin bout NAS IF ****IN PLAYED THE **** OUT.... WAY THE **** OUT
3:23 PM July 21, 2012 Mcrem said:

3:00 PM July 21, 2012 BigLeeky79 said:

Fall back and bump ya head on somethin sharp if you think Nas suck.