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Curren$y & Harry Fraud - Purple Cigarette Boats

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Uploaded 07/16/2012
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11:45 AM July 13, 2015 rubbabandbam said:

Either you love it or hate it and if you hate it lemme borrow that spare time you wastin HATIN!
11:45 AM July 13, 2015 rubbabandbam said:

Say, these boys talm bout OG Ron C talk to much, or uh "it don't souund right". OG put it down over these tapes and shoutin out cities and stores. He keeping the craft alive representin this Screw.
12:16 PM October 19, 2013 jk_14 said:

Dont nothing sounds right chopped and screwed
7:08 PM March 11, 2013 RAMPAGE said:

dude it's og ron c... turn it up!
1:21 PM December 12, 2012 Fabiano via Mobile:

Track one should have been longer
2:36 PM August 6, 2012 jrizzle23 said:

this ****s tuff . **** a hater
10:51 AM August 3, 2012 khao601 said:

this dj talks too much... stick with slim k
1:17 AM July 22, 2012 j_harris42 said:

dis **** dont sound right chopped and screwed