BJ The Chicago Kid - Purple Now & Laters (Campus Love 14)

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10:06 PM May 11, 2017 wdynamite via iOS App:

Dope mixtape.. waaaaaaaaay too much chop tho.
6:21 PM July 6, 2014 jameswtcc via Mobile:

The original version is an album, not a mixtape. Get yourself a spotify account and stop *****in about free music
6:38 PM August 26, 2013 teesky101 said:

dont get me wrong + Im from the H = but why is there only the screw'd n chop'd version of this mixtape?? I always go for the original
6:07 PM September 17, 2012 Briandan82 said:

i didnt know they be chopped up in the chi but thats whts up
9:16 PM July 31, 2012 jdub2212 said:

Name one nigga you know from the land that listen to this chopped and bull**** music.
9:09 PM July 20, 2012 koky_23jord via Mobile:

Why the **** would they do this??!!! This str8 sloppy and livemixtapes better put the original mix tape and not this bull****!!!
1:21 PM July 20, 2012 DonPerrionGWOPPAGANG said:

Chicago salute
6:26 PM July 18, 2012 larsonacademy said:

best mixtape ive heard on here in a while