Money Grip - Before The Fame

DJs: DJ 864
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5:33 AM July 17, 2013 marioglanton2 via Mobile:

This shot be ridin
8:32 AM April 25, 2013 gabriellepowell via Mobile:

Love it
6:41 PM March 11, 2013 callmeking via Mobile:

Love money grip special tracks 3,4 love whole mixtape love u money grip
4:07 PM January 15, 2013 brandonmitchell241 said:

Man Yall Follow Us @MoneyGripBaby,@IndyTapes, @DJ864, @WeAre_MoneyGrip, @IAm_YoungPlay, @MoneyGripFlyerr & @MG_DrePorter! In Follow My Lil Brother @IamYRNGBrandon
9:19 PM November 22, 2012 trppboy20 said:

niggas need to stop tryna be the rich kidz to me the songs with TREY the only ones go in salute to dat lil nigga he gone blow up cause he got his own style
11:57 AM November 19, 2012 channysmith123 said:

Diz mixtape kool da way u move should b on da radio
3:40 PM October 24, 2012 dalanta via Mobile:

R u tryna to be like rich kids ,, but its cool
11:17 PM October 20, 2012 tyreters1 via Mobile:

Don't be late hell naww