The Changing Of The Guard

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6:50 PM August 1, 2012 dblok412 via Mobile:

Niggaz fear what they dont UNDERSTAND!!
11:30 AM July 31, 2012 flightmars said:

Nas the best rapper period nigga nobody ****in with him
5:44 AM July 30, 2012 Justa_Phella via Mobile:

5:09 PM July 29, 2012 LEBANNONdon via Mobile:

Look yall sound like slaves up north and down south beef .if you black brown or yellow them crackers pimping hip hop cause they **** up rock on roll now them in hip hop WAKE THE **** UP.
1:29 PM July 29, 2012 COLEYCOLE1980 said:

It's Timberland boots, not "timberlawn"
11:59 PM July 28, 2012 601sippiboy said:

Y'all timberlawn boot wit shorts wearing MF no the SOUTH is da **** 2chain Ross ti Wayne & ****
6:19 PM July 27, 2012 jjwatts said:

Shut tha fuk up 2guncharlie. dissin tha south but ya quote a southern rapper.u been on that 2 chainz huh yall niggas mad cause u kno it tha truth. north been hella quiet for a long time now
1:11 PM July 27, 2012 AceSmooth via Mobile:

The south ain't takin over **** wtf y'all be listen 2