Max Minelli - Lunch Money

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11:17 AM March 18, 2017 geauxdez via iOS App:

Nigga been putting in work for the longest and still don't get the recognition he deserves
10:25 AM February 1, 2013 3rdgatetamtam via Mobile:

The best at it
9:49 PM December 13, 2012 TheDopefied said:

He an southern underground legend. Look up Young Bleef - Better than the last time ... You'll love this nigga **** Fareal
9:47 PM December 13, 2012 TheDopefied said:

Aye, this nigga helped Boosie with his forest album Youngest of the Camp. He was in Concentration Camp with young bleed, c-loc, and boosie... He was in Lay-lo. He got classics
7:38 PM October 11, 2012 portermane77 said:

My nigga... Ben 10 toes down wit max from laylow to concentration camp.keep doing it max.sipp 2 b.r stand up.1life1love
10:40 PM August 1, 2012 twuand said:

4:17 PM July 31, 2012 954_SHOTTA said:

mann dis lil ***** im ****in wrote dat ,if dis da same young max dat wuz wit young bleed salute!
4:07 PM July 31, 2012 954_SHOTTA said:

dis nigga wont last 2 dayz in dade,he tryin 2 hard!!!