K-Dot (Kendrick Lamar) - Training Day

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6:43 PM July 14, 2014 xMobben said:

12:06 AM May 10, 2014 sonxtails said:

still dope
3:32 PM January 13, 2014 gotdemdambands said:

I dont see how anyone can take anything from an actual artist not an entertainer I feel like people who dont like artist like Gucci mane and **** like dat he aint the greatest but he one of em
4:38 PM September 9, 2013 Devontemoore56 said:

he aint all tht man
6:08 PM August 26, 2013 dreizzle said:

too good album quality
6:17 PM July 31, 2013 Zasterror said:

Man he really sound like Weezy in the 1st track
6:40 PM July 25, 2013 ah1205 via Mobile:

What is the best song?
1:49 AM January 6, 2013 zothecoolest said:

Kendrick Lamar old mixtapes is the ****. Need put the first mixtape on here rt!