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2:32 AM September 17, 2012 Phon89 via Mobile:

Banger Keep it up Y'all
3:36 AM August 17, 2012 Justa_Phella said:

no real hip hop here. more garbage for the mind
2:09 PM August 13, 2012 everett8 said:

We Appreciate All the Love Continue to Support SI .......
7:30 PM August 12, 2012 xELx said:

trash ultra wack
2:27 PM August 10, 2012 wakeel44 said:

these niggas sound like travis porter. i feel like they need to be a little more unique.
7:53 AM August 9, 2012 IKGODB said:

I ****s wit the tape.. Choosy my favorite tho!
2:28 PM August 8, 2012 taymonae via Mobile:

I ❤ the mix tape. You guys did great. Hard work pays off. && all you haters can suck something!
11:05 PM August 7, 2012 JohnnyD22 said:

I salute SI, St. Clair holdin' it down once again...